About Us

Based in London and Barcelona we are one of the largest, free resources for the media industry around the world.

Who is it for?

World Fixer is designed to connect media companies with crew and production staff around the world.

Its a free service hosting: Producers, Fixers, Service Companies, DOP's, Camera Operators, Sound Recordists, Photographers, Steadicam operators, Gimbal Operators, Scouts, Directors, Journalists, Editors, Drone Operators, Self shooting directors, Directors, Production Managers, Executive Producers, Crewing/Facilities, Communications + PR, Production Companies, Broadcasters, Agencies and Studios.

Members may sign up as companies or individuals totally free.


Why should I sign up?

We’re the only free networking tool for the industry with many thousands of clients and professionals working together through us every day. By removing the barriers that ‘subscription only’ sites put up and promoting accountability through client testimonies our members are exposed to real opportunity.

How do I sign up?

To protect the integrity of the platform World Fixer users are vetted before they are allowed to join the platform. Send an email to contact@worldfixer.com. A member of our admin team will reply usually within 24 hours.

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How much does it cost?

World Fixer is completely free. We are looking into tools & benefits to implement which will warrant a subscription section but this will not affect your ability to connect with members and promote yourself on our feeds

What is your data policy?

We use Google Analytics cookies to measure traffic to our website – nothing else. We do not share or sell your information to third parties or target advertising based on your browsing history.

How does the ‘feed’ work?

The wall feeds are designed to be familiar to regular social media users. Members can post promotional material or subject matter relevant to the industry. Once a member posts everyone in his/her network will receive it in their feed. Obscene or undesirable content will be deleted and potentially the member will be removed from the site.

Why did World Fixer start?

After many years working as producers and journalists around the world we realised that there is a strong, talented network of media professionals who are difficult to find, and harder to verify. In the face of growing globalisation there needed to be a place where reliable local talent could promote themselves and meet new clients.

Which clients are registered on the site?

We’re proud to say that after six years most major international broadcasters, agencies and news outlets are using our service. We also host several thousands of production companies and producers all looking to connect with local talent.

T&C’s and environmental policy

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Need more information to join us?

If the FAQs does not answer your questions please send us a mail direct at contact@worldfixer.com